Monday, April 24, 2017

Remarkable Encounters - Part 1 : Teacher

It is said that we discover some parts of ourselves only in the context of our interaction with others. Some of these interactions are so enriching that they leave us feeling more complete, integrated, alive and human. In this series of posts, we will look at the impressions from some of the remarkable encounters I have had. To be of greater relevance, I have grouped these interactions into categories based on roles. In the first post, we will look at my impressions from an encounter with a remarkable teacher.

I have learned much from you, and it is not limited to what you have taught.

I have taken much from you, but I haven't diminished you. A lamp that lights another lamp Is not diminished in the process.

You taught straight from the heart, with your deeds amplifying your words. True integrity is the integration of thoughts, words and actions.

You gave me the courage to accept what I have known all along and to stand on your shoulders to see what you never been able to see. You gave me the benefit of doubt, perhaps more than what I deserved.

You encouraged me to experiment with new behaviors and perspectives and to discover the joy of learning . You discovered potentials in me that I could not recognize myself.

Yes, you have often cut me very deeply, to open up my channels of learning. But you used a surgeon's blade and not a butcher's knife and that too with infinite care and compassion.

You enabled me to be more of myself with all my peculiarities. For it is in our sharpness and not in our well-roundedness that we become unique and truly human as individuals.

You have demonstrated so beautifully that the teacher and the student can learn together.

In a world with so much information and so little understanding, a great teacher can indeed be the bridge from sight to insight. Yes, I do feel blessed, in more ways than one, that our paths have crossed!


Little Miss Muffet said...

Deeply moving piece and truly relatable as I have had the extreme good fortune of knowing a couple of such teachers. Such teachers help us touch the spark of divinity in ourselves -through their being and doing. I am also reminded of the poet Rilke who found such a teacher in Rodin the sculptor - encounters such as these are indeed transformational. Do read if you can one of Rilke's books 'Letters to a Young Poet'.

Prasad Kurian said...

Thank you Kavita for your kind words. Yes, I have just ordered 'Letters to a Young Poet'! Especially liked the phrase you used 'help us touch the spark of divinity in ourselves'!

Unknown said...

Hah! I really enjoyed this read. I love metaphors and you seem to be a worthy blacksmith to the malleable words. I've just discovered you and looking forward to read more from you. Cheers :)

Prasad Kurian said...

Thank you Saksham for reading my blog and for your kind words!